- I am unable to collect my delivery in person, what can I do?

If you are unable to collect or receive the delivery in person, you can enter the details of your authorised recipient during the sign-up process, before making payment. Please ensure that the authorised recipient's details entered correspond with his/her NRIC/FIN.

Upon successful payment and confirmation of your plan, both you and your authorised recipient will receive an electronic Letter of Authorisation via email. On the day of the collection or delivery, the authorised recipient must produce:

1.    A printed and signed copy of Letter of Authorisation

2.    Your original NRIC/FIN as per authorisation submission record

3.    Zero1 subscriber's original NRIC/FIN as per record

In the event that any of the above documents are not produced, you agree that the delivery staff will withhold delivery and a subsequent delivery will be arranged with you. For subsequent deliveries, you agree to bear delivery charges.

For self collection, the SIM card will not be issued without the above documents. The SMS / email confirmation pertaining to the collection schedule will only be sent to Zero1 subscriber.