- How do I purchase the Data Roam plan?

Existing Zero1 subscribers can purchase the Data Roam plan by logging in to your Zero1 account under “My Services Management”.  New Zero1 subscribers will be able to purchase the Data Roam plan during registration of Zero1 mobile data plan.

Simply select the Data Roam plan you wish to purchase and choose the start date which can be:

a)    Up to 14 days later

b)    on your travel start date
- the start time of the data roaming service will be at 00:00:00 (hh:mm:ss) regardless of what time the service is activated on the activation date.

You will be charged immediately via your credit / debit card registered with us upon purchase regardless of the start/activation date. The following will be sent to you:
•    Email: when the Data Roam registration (payment) is successful or failed

There will be no refund or rebate for cancellation, reschedule, unused or expired data roam bundles.