- Can I change my existing plan?

Yes, it’s easy! Simply log in to your Zero1 account, select the mobile number you wish to change under "My Services Management", click on the plan you wish to change to and click "Confirm”.
Existing PlanChange Plan - You Pay
StarterClassic50u80u60u 5G90u 5GJumbo GOJumbo 100*

1GB > U $10.80$10.80$10.80
6u $10.80$10.80$10.80
3GB > U $10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80
9GB > U $10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80
3GB > U Bonus 12 $10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80
9GB > U Bonus 18 $10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80
30u $10.80$10.80Auto Upgrade To 80u$10.80$10.80
50u $10.80$10.80NA$10.80
80u $10.80$10.80$10.80NA$10.80$10.80
60u 5G$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80NA$10.80$10.80
90u 5G$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80NA$10.80$10.80
JUMBO GO $10.80$10.80NA
JUMBO 100*$10.80$10.80$10.80$10.80

* Foreigners previously on Jumbo 100 will have IDD VAS removed upon switching to other plans.

Change of plan is only applicable if your account is not suspended or blacklisted, and there is no outstanding balance. 

You may also submit your request here.