- What does 'managed speed' mean?

For each billing period, mobile data speed of the bundled data for each corresponding plan will be provided at 4G/4G+ network speeds unless otherwise stated. Thereafter, data speeds may be managed, reduced and throttled according to the network capacity and performance in order to provide customers with fast and reliable mobile internet service. Subscribers may continue to use mobile data service subject to Zero1’s Fair Use Policy.

Customer’s mobile data service will be restored to 4G/4G+ speeds at the start of the next billing cycle based on the subscribed plan.

We have tested the managed speeds on popular applications such as WhatsApp, emails, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Youtube and for common usage, the apps will work normally. This move is to ensure that every customer will be able to enjoy the best-shared resources. We do not recommend viewing of videos at 720p or higher for the 1GB To Unlimited plan.

The speed is not a static variable but it is dynamically adjusted according to the type of applications users are using, the network condition of the websites users are trying to reach and the network utilisation at that time. Speed may also vary depending on the phone you are using, its RAM, the number of applications you have as well as your location.