- How come I don't receive hard copy bills?

We are doing our part to save the environment and go paperless! We will send you e-bill instead based on your billing cycle.

There are 4 billing cycles depending on when your SIM card is activated:

* If the Activation Date falls on the same date as the Invoice Date, the invoice will only be emailed to you the following month, otherwise you will receive your invoice within 7 days from the Bill Start Date.

It is important that you pay your bills on time to avoid service disruption. Do note the followings:

1. Check that your registered email with Zero1 is valid as the e-bill will be sent to your email.
2. Check your email for your monthly e-bill and the charge/due date on your invoice. 
3. Ensure that you maintain sufficient balance in your credit/debit card as your card will be automatically charged on the due date.
Alternatively, you may also log in to your Zero1 account, look under "My Bills" to view your bills and check the charge/due date on your invoice.