- What happens when payment fail?

Due to your busy schedule, you may overlook your bills, we understand. In order to further assist you, please submit a ticket here.

If payment failure is due to a credit/debit card issue, you may want to update or change your payment type. To do that,please visit our website at www.zero1.sg and proceed as follows: 

  1. Login to your account via "Account Login"
  2. Click “My Wallet” go to Credit/Debit Card page
  3. Click “Add Card” to add a new Credit/ Debit card
  4. Once it is added successfully, please set the card as your default card by doing the following:
  5. Click on the card.
  6. Click “Set Default”
  7. To delete your existing Credit/ Debit Card, please click on the card and click “delete” accordingly