- How do I subscribe to Zero1 plan?

Please get ready the following when you wish to subscribe / purchase Zero1 mobile plan:
  1. A valid email & your preferred Password (must be at least 8 characters long and contain 1 numeric number)
  2. Mastercard/Visa Debit or Credit Card, or Virtual Credit Card
  3. ID (Singapore NRIC, Employment Pass, S Pass, 11B or Work Permit)

    Follow the steps to Sign Up Zero1 now!
1. Go to www.zero1.sg. Look for the "Navigation Bar" at the top right corner. To subscribe to our plan, start off with creating a Zero1 account by going to "Sign Up" and set up the account.

2. After creating your account, please log in to manage your account and make purchases. You can proceed to purchase the Zero1 plan by going to “Plan”. If you wish to subscribe / purchase more mobile services in the future, simply log in to your account to make purchases. 

3. Once you're at the "Plan" page, use the purple left/right arrows at the plan table to navigate and select the plan you wish to purchase.  

4. Select "Value-Added Services" if you require any.

5. Select "Keep Your Existing Number" or "Get New Number" option. Do note that prepaid mobile plan cannot be ported-in.

6. If you're porting-in your existing mobile number, input your existing mobile number and details. Follow the instructions and complete the form. Things to note:
a) Make sure your existing mobile plan is postpaid. 
b) Check out the other port-in conditions in the form. 
c) Please note that you do not need to terminate or cancel your existing mobile line to port-in. 
d) Please also ensure that you do not have any contract with your existing telco.
e) If the existing mobile plan is not registered under your name, you need to provide the registered user's details if you wish to transfer the number to you.

7. If you are getting a new mobile number, pick a new number from the list of available ones. Click on "Load More" for more numbers. You will get to select from a list of 40 numbers. Once you’re satisfied with your number, you can click “Let’s Go!” to proceed with the plan registration. 

8. Follow the instructions and complete the registration form. Fill in your personal particulars as per your NRIC/FIN.            

9. If you're a foreigner, you'll need to input your Foreign Identification Number (FIN), which can be found on your Identify Card (ID), as well as your ID type. Your ID card must be valid for at least six months. You may download the free app from SGWorkPass from Google Play or App Store to check your ID card expiry date if you are not sure.

10. Input your Billing Address.

11. Select "Deliver SIM Card To Me" or "I'll Collect SIM Card Myself" option. 

a) Please note that only "I'll Collect Sim Card  Myself" option is available for foreigners.

b) For "Delivery", input your delivery address if it differs from your Billing Address and select "Morning (AM) / Afernoon (PM)" time-slot.

12. If you need to authorise someone else to receive / collect your SIM card, please input the person's details and note the requirements stated. Otherwise, please proceed to upload the front and back copies of your NRIC / Foreign Identity card and proceed to click on the “View Order Summary” button.

13. Check your "Order Summary" and if you have no further changes, proceed with next step.

14. Please note that there may be a default "Promotion Code" for a certain plan. Do not change the "Promotion Code". If you have a unique "Promotion Code" which entitles you to a special promotion, you may replace the "Promotion Code". For the "Referrer Code", please leave it blank as it only applies to our agents or partners.

15. Please key in your credit / debit card details. By signing up for our services, you are agreeing to monthly auto-deduction from your listed credit / debit card.

16. Once you have successfully subscribed to our plan, please check your email for "Order Confirmation" and "SIM Card Delivery" or "Sim Cad Collection" details. Follow the instructions in the email confirmation. If you cannot find our "Order Confirmation" email, do look in your junk mail.

17. Once you've received the SIM card, you can visit www.zero1.sg/activate for next step.

18.  Do check your e-bill which will be sent to your email every month or simply log in your Zero1 account to check your monthly e-statement. Please note the charge date and ensure that you maintain enough balance in your credit / debit card as payment will be automatically charged to your credit / debit card on the charged date. If you are using Singtel Dash, please ensure that you top up your Singtel Dash account before our charge date every month.

* Check out the step-by-step tutorial video at https://www.facebook.com/Zero1PteLtd/videos/256321935588582/

* Check out how you can also translate our website to your native language. Do note that logged in pages cannot be translated https://www.facebook.com/Zero1PteLtd/videos/894952351022549/ 

* Check out our YouTube channel for the translated links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hWixH6OXAs&t=76s