- I received Zero1 SIM card, what should I do?

Please note the followings upon receiving your SIM card. To check on your SIM activation status and account related information, log in to your Zero1 account with your email and password.

A.    Subscribing to a new Zero1 number? (*Please allow next 1 business day for card activation)

1)    Back-up the data on your existing SIM card into your phone or other cloud drives.

2)    Power down your mobile phone, pop in your Zero1 SIM card.

3)    Power up your phone and you are ready to use your new Zero1 service.

B.    Porting in your number to Zero1? (*Please allow next 1 to 3 business days for card activation)

1)    Keep the old SIM in your phone. Wait for an SMS notification from Zero1 and follow the instructions in the SMS. If you are porting in from Zero Mobile, there will be no SMS notifications.

2)    Look out for the no network signal on your mobile and that’s when your porting is successful.

3)    If your port-in is successful, follow the 3 steps described in (A) above.

C) No network signal?

Please ensure the following setting to access Zero1 mobile network:

- Settings - Connections - Network Operators set to "Zero1"&

- Settings - Connections - Mobile Network - APN is set to "e-ideas"

* Excluding weekends and public holidays. During promotions, new service releases or when there are port-in issues, there is a good chance that it could take up to 3 full business days (sometimes longer) to get the SIM card activated because our deals are just so awesome that everyone wants to be a part of them!