- Do I need to inform my existing telco for porting of number?

No. You need not inform your existing telco if you wish to port-out. Zero1 will submit the porting request to your existing service provider after you have received our Zero1 SIM card. This is to minimise service disruption as you may continue to use your existing SIM Card. Once all documents are in order, subject to your existing mobile operator’s consent, the number will be transferred to Zero1 within the next 1 to 3 business days. Follow this instruction:

1)    Keep the old SIM in your phone. Wait for an SMS notification from Zero1 and follow the instructions in the SMS. If you are porting in from Zero Mobile, there will be no SMS notifications.

2)    Look out for the no network signal on your mobile and that’s when your porting is successful.

3)    Back-up the data on your existing SIM card into your phone or other cloud drives.

4)    Power down your mobile phone, pop in your Zero1 SIM card.

5)    Power up your phone and you are ready to use your new Zero1 service.